Have you ever thought your C# written code can control an electronical device or even a robot? Could it truly be possible to activate a robot without diving into the comlex structure of .NET Microframework (MF)? The answer is yes, it is possible with the help of Monkey.Robotics powered by Xamarin.


What is actually Monkey.Robotics?

It helps to reduce the effort spent in building complicated tasks in .NET Microframework (MF) powered robots and easily communicates with them from within Xamarin apps.

Here is the depicted architecture design of the process:


As it can be observed in the picture, Xamarin serves as a bridge between the microcontrollers and the application processes.

With the help of Monkey.Robotics, developers have an opportunity to use C# programming language through the Mobile Application process. In additon, it can be used not only on .NET MF microcontrollers. but also to communicate with non-.NET MF microcontroller such as the Arduino or Netdunio as requested. This flexibility gives Xamarin to extend its borders from cross-platform up to microcontroller level.

For more detailed information, Documentation and Guides are also available in below resources:

  1. Getting Started
  2. API Documentation
  3. Project Walkthoughs

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